March 2018

We, the CrossFit Bytown coaching staff, are very excited to award our March 2018 Member of the Month to Rhiannon Lynn. Rhiannon is one of the kindest people at our box. She is always attentive in class, which translates into her having excellent movements patterns. Rhiannon also comes in with a great smile and positive attitude and she tackles each WOD with determination.

Why did you choose crossfit?

I was working with a PT at Goodlife and was getting bored of the same thing (bench press, back squat, and deadlift). My PT recognized that so he started incorporating Olympic lifting and crossfit workouts into my sessions. I loved it! As soon as my Goodlife contract was up I joined crossfit.

After three years of crossfit, I still love that it empowers women to lift heavy, the diversity of movements, the community, and that it never gets easier. I have tried other exercises since but I always look most forward to crossfit.

Why did you choose Bytown?

I shopped around for boxes. I liked that Bytown wasn’t pretentious, that it was friendly, had excellent coaching, a flexible schedule, and was just off my route home (my bus connected at Tunneys).

What are your goals?

For 2018 I’m refocusing on the basics:

Eating enough and the right foods,

Keeping my core and glutes engaged in all movements, and

Breathing through a workout; the simplest but most difficult!

What do you do for a living?

I work for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, however come Sept 2018 I’ll be back in school for a Masters of Public Health. I’m really excited to go back to school :)

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy cooking, wine, movies, and jigsaw puzzles. I also consume podcasts at an astonishing rate so give me your recommendations! 

What changes have you noticed?

The biggest change I’ve noticed has been from eating better. I now have enough energy to get through the day and each workout.

What motivates you?

The endorphins. After every workout, even the days when I’ve forced myself there, I feel more energized and happier.

Actually tracking of how often I get to the box and recording my progress at the box (weights and reps) help get me to the gym and push myself.

Favourite WOD?

I don't have one. Instead my favourite movements are snatches, handstand pushups, and pull ups. Each have been/are a challenge for me: taking a few years to get (HSPUs took 3 years!) and have required additional focus and effort.

Advice to new members.

Focus on yourself, don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone has their own strengths, weaknesses, priorities, and started somewhere.

Set small goals and work from there. My first goal was to learn how to do wall balls so I stopped hitting myself in the head! I’m very happy to have accomplished that goal!

Finally be proud of your progress! If you can now squat below parallel or you've overcome your fear of having the bar over your head, that's amazing! *high-five*

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