August 2018

The member of the month of August is Kevin Murphy, aka Murph. He has been with us since near the beginning, Bytown 1.0. Always working hard, taking away any excuses from younger members. His work ethic is second to none, a model of consistency, a an all around great person to know. We are truly happy to have shared in our journeys together.


In my late fifties my lifestyle from the previous decades caught up with me.  I had a case of chronic ulcerative colitis and was fifty pounds heavier than today.  Olive, my partner nudged me into boot camp.  I had a lot of fun there, with Soldiers of Fitness, but after three years I found it too repetitive.  One of the members at boot camp, Robin McKay had been going to Bytown and told me what it was like.  Robin, I'll always be grateful to you.

     My goals have changed over the past seven years at Bytown.  Knowing basically nothing about the sport but quite fit, and a competitive spirit, at first I had hopes of doing well not only at Bytown but provincially or even nationally.  I figured the numbers in my age group gave me a shot.  That was probably the first pair of fools shoes I wore out in the sport.  So today my goal is to at least maintain my fitness level.

      I started in business 35 years ago as owner of Aqueduct Eavestrough where we do all types of exterior renovations on homes.  Financially its not the most rewarding but I guess you could say I love it because I never thought of it as work. 

      I started playing competitive baseball a few years ago and plan to play some hockey this year.

     The whole of  Crossfit Bytown motivates me.  Coaches and members.  I have watched people come into the gym for the first time, shy and intimidated.  Within a week its like they have been part of it for months.  Everyone  is welcomed by all.  There are younger men in their 20's, 30's and 40's who may have been athletic at one time but life got in the way.  In a few short months they are working out like freaks.  And the women, wow, can they work!  Fear of bulking is a misconception, the women are just fit  Mothers of all ages, daughters and career women.

    My favourite WOD, if I had to choose would be 15.5.  29 - 21 - 15 - 9  calorie row and thrusters.  I relish near death experiences because "joie de vivre"

    When you're out around town take notice of people.  You see snapshots of their habits and lifestyle, and its pretty sad to see how they let themselves go  They can't be happy, I know I wasn't.  So for anyone with an inclination to better themselves, physically and mentally, put down the poutine and just walk away.  The road to happiness has a rubber floor and lots of shit to lift on the way.

Crossfit Bytown