January 2019

Danick and Doug

Danick and Doug

January member of the month comes a little early. Danick has been a member of Bytown for a long time but because of his work he is unknown to many members. Danick has taken a job outside of the city and will be leaving us. We wish him well in all his future endeavours and welcome him back to train anytime he is back in town.

Why did you choose crossfit?

- I chose crossfit because I was changing my workouts a lot back in 2012. Then I did a crossfit wod by myself in a small gym where I worked... and puked... and I decided that I needed that type of ass kicking workout in my life. And on I went! Crossfit was exactly what I need to do that benefitted my health and my work capabilities at the same time. -

Why did you choose Bytown?

- I went to one other crossfit box before going to bytown. I went in during the opening ours to speak with someone about joining and I was not really welcomed at all. I didn't feel the community too much. So I thanked the person for the information and left. The day after, I went to Bytown 1.0 in the little garage with the crooked floors... and fell in love! Everett was very welcoming and everything turned out awsome. (fun fact... the other place is closed now... HA!)-

What are your goals?

- My goals are to stay in shape as much as possible because my work is (was) very demanding sometimes physically. I could'nt really afford to be out of shape. I also like the physical aspect that comes with working out. -

What do you do for a living?

- I have been in law enforcement for the past 10 years. -

What are your hobbies?

- I really like to be outside. In the summer I hike a lot, kayak, mountain bike. In the winter I go snowshoeing, downhill ski and back country ski. I also try to travel as much as possible, and most of the time it's in destinations where I can surf. -

What changes have you noticed?

- I have a better physique, I can do a lot of stuff with minimum effort that I would of never thought of doing before, I can go follow Doug (my dog) around easily with all his energy. I need to buy stretchy jeans because of my legs... fun times. -

What motivates you?

- I am motivated by the idea of being in good shape well into my late years. I also really like to beat my PR's. Performance is also a good motivation.-

Favourite WOD?

- Hero wods are long and the most demanding both physically and mentally. They also have a background story to them for people that have served in either military or law enforcement. I love doing these because It makes me think of the people that the wods are named after.

Holleyman is probably my favorite.-

Advice to new members?

"it never gets easier, you only get stronger" is probably the most adequate thing when it comes to crossfit. Even if the person next to you is doing everything RX'd and you are not, you are both working as hard as you can... which is what makes crossfit awesome. Push YOUR limits as much as possible and enjoy the ride.

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