June 2019


Victor Baptista

What inspired you to start your journey into CrossFit?

Well...probably seeing all those nice CrossFit bodies on Instagram and being like “Damn, how do they do?” But actually it all started in early 2018 when I was going through a difficult moment and I had just moved to Ottawa from Montréal. At that moment, I remembered that I came up with a list of things that I've always wanted to accomplish and one of the items was to get in better shape and have new friends here.

Why did you decide that CrossFit Bytown was the right fit for you?

I sent a message to two different boxes and Everett was the first one to reply inviting me to give it a try during an evening class. He took the time to talk to me, explain what CrossFit is and how it could get me in better shape and I was like ''YEEEES, that sounds like a deal''. 

Throughout the time I've been at Bytown, I have met some great people that I hang out with outside the gym, the coaches are great and willing to help me improve, the box is fun, and to be honest,  it is one of the greatest moments of my day coming to Bytown. I love that it is so diverse and we all get along well towards a shared goal. 

Do you have any current goals, whether it be inside the gym or outside the gym that you’re trying to achieve?

Yes, ring muscle ups and to be able to do 100 double unders consecutively without being all messy, exhausted and stopping at like 35. Outside the gym, I'm taking scuba diving courses this summer and I can't wait to go scuba diving around the world! 

If you could give any advice to a new member or someone who is interested in CrossFit, what would you tell them?

CrossFit is for everyone, you can scale everything, the coaches are there to help you and it has a great impact on your physical and mental health. Personally, I always use two motivational phrases.  One by famous poet Britney Spears: ''You wanna a hot body? You better work b**** '' and another one by CrossFit athlete Noah Ohlsen: ''it's tough, but we're tougher!!!''


Dan Shrum