These classes are constantly varied using functional movements performed at a relatively high intensity for the best results in strength, power, endurance, speed, accuracy, flexibility, and balance. 

These classes are good enough to meet almost everyones fitness and health needs, wether your are doing this to help you with another sport, if CrossFit is your sport, or you are just training to get better at life. 

Because of the more complex set of skills required for these classes it is required to complete the foundations course to attend these classes on a regular basis. 




Don’t let the name fool you, this is not just for men, in fact, most of the clients are women. Strongman training involves basic movements with simple odd objects as well as loaded carries. These movements elicit a great training effect that takes minutes to learn. These classes are the most functional training you can do and a ton of fun. 

Because of the odd object and loaded carries Strongman is an excellent way to increase grip and core strength, which is a major weakness for most people. 

The difference between Strongman 101 & 202 is the level of difficulty and length of class. The 101 class is a easier 30 minute version of the 60 minute 202 class. 

Even though these classes are simple, do not confuse that with easy. 





This is for the advanced CrossFit athlete looking to take their workouts to the next level. The regular CrossFit class is for learning the movements, this class is for refining them for maximum speed and efficiency. This is not just a physical class, we will also work on the mental aspect of training. Not just mental toughness but also how to predict the effects of a workout and to properly strategize for them. 

This will be a team building session as well with people working out together and in head to head competitions. This is an excellent class to help you get ready for a CrossFit competition. 




We have some great coaches with a ton of experience. Because of this we often get requests for people to intern with us. We have worked with local high schools and colleges to help prepare their students. We have also had people who want to gain more experience/confidence coaching classes, as well as people who wanted to learn all the inner workings before opening their own gym. 

Please contact us to see if we have any openings. 






A full 60 minute yoga class working on opening up the hips and shoulders, this is a great opportunity for those who never do any stretching on their own. You will learn how to relax and open up your body for better positioning. This will reduce pain while increasing your range of motion and reducing stress levels. 






This class is for people who are looking to improve their technique in the Olympic Weightlifting movements, Snatch, and Clean & Jerk. There will be accessory and strength movements added to the class. 

This class can be done in conjunction with other classes.







Stuck on the road or at the office, looking for a low equipment/space requirement workout? The OfficeWOD is designed to be able to be done in almost any work or hotel gym. Updated every weekday.