Interested in joining?

It doesn't matter where you are now in your fitness journey, we have options for all levels. Please look below for the option that suits you best. We also offer personal training and online programming options for people who do not wish to do group fitness. 

Are you an experienced athlete? Stop in for a FREE TRIAL to see if Bytown is the right fit for you.

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STEP 1 - No Sweat Intro Session

Are you unsure if this is right for you, do you have questions? I will take the time when you have the time. 

This is a no obligation, no pressure meeting where we will see if we are a good fit for you and your goals.  

We discuss your expectations, goals and eventual injury history and I will tell you details about our training philosophy and all organizational matters. In addition, we will discuss the best option for you in order to be able to integrate you into our training programs - see step 2 for further details.

If you are already confident in your decision, jump right to step 2. 

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STEP 2 - Foundations

The number of sessions depends on your fitness level and your physical requirements. Most people will only need 3-5 sessions.

We want to build a base together with you so that you have enough time to learn all important movements and to build a good fitness base. Since we have a high technical standard in the execution of our exercises in the lessons, we offer you individual lessons with the opportunity to learn and to respond individually to your own pace. 

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STEP 3 - Regular Membership

"Guided small group training" - Max. 20 persons / class

You are in our pack now. We train and act as a team and we finish each workout together.

We now offer a one time rate renewable monthly at $160

We also have a 20 punch pass option for $300