#1. Be early. If you are not early, you are late!
Give yourself enough time to change, use the restroom, do individual mobility work & warm-up before class starts. 

#2. Please be respectful of class or privates in-session
If the previous class is running a little late, THEY STILL HAVE PRIORITY. If you come early and the class is full (especially on the weekends), please wait in the lobby. If weather permits, go for a run. Get a light warm-up in. Do not get in the way. Do not crowd the front door. Do not interrupt the coach to ask questions. Do not be a distraction. Be respectful of the other members training.

#3. Respect Your Coach & Others
This means to listen to the coach, especially during instruction & be quiet so others may hear the instruction. If the coaches are talking, you should not be. Be open-minded, try the corrections given, warm up properly, and give the WODYOUR 100%. 

#4. Sign Up for classes...and cancel ones you cannot make
Sign up for class ahead of time you know you can make and sign-in when you arrive on the front computer. Treat it like a Dr's appointment and show up. 

This is for obvious reasons. We love kids, and want to keep them around, so please keep a close eye on your children as they must be under adult supervision at all times. The equipment in our BOX is very inviting to children, so please keep an eye on your children and keep them away from the equipment as there are many potential hazards.We would kindly ask you to have the kids away from the training area, close to the garage door. They can be fully visible and away from weights and barbells. If people are training in the front area, please speak with the coach to find a mutually agreeable, safe place.

This was a tough one. We had to ask ourselves what is more important; community or health/hygiene? We had decided to go for health and hygiene. People come to the gym to workout. We agree it is pleasant to have a cute dog at the gym, but most of you areonly there for an hour to workout. It is hard enough keeping the gym clean as it is. Dogs may be allowed during social events such as parties, gatherings etc...
If you must bring your dog to the gym, it has to be kept in the office upstairs. 

#7. Check your ego at the door. Test & scale appropriately
Test your scale BEFORE the WOD. You really should not be changing scales during the WOD. You are responsible for your own fitness, health and safety. Our workouts are tough. The weight is sometimes heavy. If you need to scale back, or aren’t comfortable, tell the coach, and do so. If you cannot demonstrate safe mechanics with the weight or movements prescribed, modify. This is being smart, not weak.

#8. NEVER cheat range of motion to go faster! Keep accurate count
Technique, Consistency THEN Intensity. Never cheat range of motion to go faster. Also, if you lose count, err on the side of doing too many rather than too few. Count only reps that go through the complete ROM. Chin didn’t go over the bar? Squat not low enough? Do it again.

#9. Track your progress
Everyone is required to keep up their WODIFY account. We pay for EACH person to use this. Thank you! 

#10. Clean up after yourself & take care of your gym
Clean up your chalk, sweat, blood, and puke. Pick up your used tape, pens, notebooks, scrap papers, CHALK, band-aids, water bottles, and sweaty clothes. Put all equipment you used back where it belongs. Stack the boxes neatly, put the bars in the racks, stack or rack the plates neatly, and hang up your jump ropes. Return all equipment to its home. Help a friend. We have 2 wet wipe containers in the gym. Take all your stuff with you. Pack it in, pack it out! We are striving in providing you a CLEAN and ORGANIZED environment. Please share in our efforts to achieve this!

#11. Respect our equipment. 
Put things down gently, including wall balls. Please do not "dump" barbells/dumbbells for no reason. ALWAYS keep your weight under control. NEVER drop an empty barbell. NEVER drop a kettle bell or dumbbell. Our equipment was expensive, and the more we have to replace it, the more we’re going to have to charge you. 

#12. Be an active part of Bytown’s Community - COME FREQUENTLY. 
Introduce yourself to everyone you don’t know. Post on our website. Follow us on Facebook. Come out to our monthly social events. Make everyone around you better.

#13. Have fun!
While we are serious about our training, we really want everyone to have FUN in the process. Laugh and enjoy yourself. Dance!