The Strongman workouts are based on functional movements such as loaded carries and odd object lifts scaled to anyone's ability. No experience is required as most of the movements can be learned in minutes. This does not mean it will be an easy class, you will be pushed hard and learn more about movement, breathing, leverages, and the torque chains. I do not post the workouts online anymore as the methodology I use for the movements need to be explained in more details than I can post on the website, and are often different depending on the clients strengths and needs. 

Fridays are always a play day. We choose something fun to do to, it could be boxing, tumbling, balance work, climbing, hand eye co-ordination drills, Something to get out of your comfort zone and learn something new. 

Sundays are a bigger group with a similar structure to the weekday class but often in a team style workout. 

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