Tim Stephens - Masters Coach

Tim was introduced to CrossFit for the first time at CrossFit Bytown in 2015. Tim had been active all of his life doing biking, hiking and weights, but was bored with going to conventional gyms and doing exercice programs on stationary machines. Participating in the strength and conditioning WODs at CrossFit Bytown has been a great experience, particularly for someone over 55! Tim's fitness and mobility levels increased substantially since joining CrossFit Bytown due to the excellent guidance from the Bytown coaches and the encouragement of fellow Bytown members. The experience was so transformative that Tim was motivated to complete the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certificate and additional CrossFit Specialty Courses to gain a better understanding of CrossFit and the foundational movements in CrossFit. Tim has a particular interest in working with Master level athletes, athletes who have mobility issues and introducing CrossFit to new members at Bytown. Tim started the Masters level class that occurs every Saturday. The class focuses on conditioning WODs and the use of many types of equipment in the gym. It is a fun workout! Be sure to come and check out the class! Everyone is welcome!