Mon, Nov. 13/2017

Double Pause Clean - 1 Sec

Work to a 3RM

Pauses: 1" off Ground & Below Knee


Hang Clean

5x4 @ 75% of Above


Tues, Nov. 14/2017

Tempo Snatch

6x2 @ 70% of 1RM

Tempo: 3 seconds to the knee, then go.


3 Sets:

Max Rep Dumbbell Bench Press


Max Rep Supinated Barbell Row

*Rest as needed between sets


Wed, Nov. 15/2017

Push Jerk

Work to a 5RM


Single Arm Overhead Carry

4 x 100'

Use a Dumbbell.

(Or a Barbell if you're feeling spicy)


Fri, Nov. 17/2017

Back Squat

Work to a 10RM

*Warm up with sets of 5, and then when you're ready to go for it, hit 10.

You should only WANT to do 1 or 2 sets of 10.


3 Sets:

10 Goblet Bulgarian Split Squats/Leg

*Rest as needed between sets

AuthorDan Shrum