When it comes to fitness you have many choices. A local gym, following an online program, or doing something on your own. What makes people choose Crossfit Bytown?

When asked to summarize Bytown in a few words, I would have to say it’s like recess for adults. Remember when you were a kid and getting some exercise wasn’t “working out”, it was fun. It was the best part of your school day, you would go out and get to play with some friends. 

What happened? As adults we rarely take time out of our day to have some fun. We go to the gym and attack it with ferocity or worse, feel obligated to do it and just go through the motions with little passion. We follow a structured curriculum with little self discovery or real functional movements. When is the last time as an adult you jumped or did a cartwheel?

I want people coming to the gym excited to learn how to do new things instead of being scared of something they don’t know. This is all about a positive growth mindset. You can’t climb a rope but want to learn how, we can teach you. If you don’t want to climb a rope, that’s ok as well. We can show you alternatives. Everything is always able to be modified to fit your needs and restrictions. We also have ongoing discussions and offer services to work on getting your eating and sleep better, which in turn effects everything else. 

Consistency is key. Going to the gym on a consistent basis long term is the key to success.  My most important piece of advice for people is “Just show up”. I hear all the time that people need to first get fit before starting at the gym. That is why EVERYONE is here. We are all trying to get stronger, more balanced, less pain, look better naked, and improve health markers. You start by showing up. If you are waiting for the perfect time, you are doing just that, waiting. 

Our staff is a passionate group of coaches who all have their specialty.  We foster a growth environment, having our coaches seek various mentors and to educate themselves with what they are truly passionate about. The certifications are one aspect, but learning how to truly learn and apply this information is what really matters. We encourage all of our coaches to do what they do best instead of trying to fit into a arbitrary mold. Because of this we offer a variety of specialty classes that each coach can shine in. This gives people an opportunity to learn new skills and methods as well. This also means our coaches all have different approaches to how they instruct the class using their own style and creativity. 

We are conveniently located near downtown with a small parking lot, but lots of 2 hour street parking. We also have showers so it’s one less excuse to not get your workout in before work. We also have 9 hours of classes a day trying to meet everyone schedule, plus many more hours of open gym, where you can come in and work on a weakness, something you missed, or just try something new with a friend. Because it’s always more fun doing it with a friend. 

This is the part of Bytown that many people overlook. Meeting new people with a similar interest from all walks and stages of life. Possibly widening your professional contacts, we have also had our share of marriages and children from people who have met at the gym. The community aspect has tons of health benefits. We are starting to realize the negative effects social isolation is having on our children as people spend more and more time on devices and less time in front of other people. 

So come in meet some new people and have some fun. 

Coach Everett