Friday September 6, 2013

  Pec Mash
  Banded Wrist Distraction

  5 Push Ups
10 Burpees
15 Tuck Jumps

  Floor Press x5

  "Whole Life Challenge Baseline"
  2 Minutes AMRAP of 100m Run
  1 Minute Rest
  2 Minute AMRAP of
  - 5 Push Ups
  - 10 Air Squats
  1 Minute rest
  2 Minute AMRAP of Sit-ups
  1 Minute Rest
 2 Minute AMRAP of 100m Run
Scoring is 1 point per rep, plus 20 points per 100m run
Also need to measure your waist and hips. You do not need to do these measurements at the gym. You can perform these at home and submit your measurements online. 

This is your last day to register. For those still interested to register follow this link. 


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