Monday - Crossfit

Put your hands up in the AIR!!

Put your hands up in the AIR!!

Lat Mash
Forearm Mash

Warm up

5 rounds
20 DU or 40singles
10 WB 20/14

5min CAP


Group A.
Ring Rows
-5 sets: 10-12 scapula ring rows
-5 Sets 10 Ring Rows
*elevate feet to increase difficulty

Group B
-Transition 5x per band to move up
-Ring Row + Kip on Box, Sets of 5
***Attempt MU
Group C
-Ring Row + Kip on Box
-Transition Beat swing on rings
**** Perform MU no set number

8min EMOM Pull ups (No Measure)

8min EMOM Pull ups

Group A 2-5 Negatives
Instead of pulling yourself up, stand on a stool and hang yourself on the horizontal pullup bar (with your chin just above it).
Then get off the stool and descend slowly until your hands are straight.

Group B 2-5 Strict Pull up
Group C 2-5 Strict C2B

Group A. If unable to perform negative pull ups, you will perform negative ring rows 5sec down 1 second up.

Group B and C
Week 2 perform same number of reps as last week, add  5-10 lbs for a weighted pull up.

Metcon (Time)

3 rounds
10 OHS 115/75

rx+ strict hspu

Optional - Accessory

Group A.B.C
3 sets: Single arm DB Row 10-12 reps per arm

Dan Shrum