Wednesday - Crossfit

Pat warming up!

Pat warming up!

Block + Ball Shoulder Mash
Block + Box Hamstring Mash

Warm up Wall Walks + Air Squats

5min Armap
3  Wall Walks
20 Air Squats

12min Emom Dips + Hs Holds (No Measure)

12min Emom Dips + Hs Holds
Even Dips
Odd  20 second Handstand Hold

A. Box Dips, every 2min, 4 x 8-12
*elevate feet to increase difficulty

B. Ring Dips, every 2min,  3-5 Strict or 5-8 assisted *feet on box*

C. Box Russian Dips, every 2min, 3-5
No Measure

HS Holds
Nose and Toes

Metcon (Time)

30 Dumbell Burpees Thrusters

RX+ 50x2/35x2
6min time Cap

Dan Shrum