Thursday - Crossfit

Kids team WOD

Kids team WOD

Quad Mash
Hamstring Mash
Lat Distraction

3 rounds
10 Scapular Depressions
10 Reverse Flyes (Thumbs Up)
10s false grip hold or flexed arm hang or straight arm hang

3 min AMRAP calf raises


10 min AMRAP
1-3 Strict PullUps (can use band)
5 Kipping PullUps (beat swings)
5 m handstand walk
or 10 wall facing shoulder taps
or 20 shoulder taps on box

RX+ pullovers instead of pull-ups

5 min rest

10 min AMRAP
1-3 strict toes to bar (or knees to chest)
5 kipping toes to bar (or knees to chest)
15 tuck crunches

5 min rest

L-sit hang max hold

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