Thursday - CrossFit

TBT Karine MU @ Firebreather 2014

TBT Karine MU @ Firebreather 2014


Foam Roller Thoracic/ Lats
30 Shoulder Passes
20 Sit Up to Pikes
Hold Side Split  each leg 2 minutes

5min DU Warm up

30sec on / 30sec off

MU Progression and Skill Work (No Measure)

Group A+B
Stations A (Strength)
4x10 Ring Rows
(elevate feet to increase difficulty)
4x10 Banded Pull Downs
7x5 Ring Dips

Group B+C
Station B (Beat Swing)
** Beat Swings on ether rings or bar
set of 5

Station C (Extension)
Practice Hip extension with feet on box driving the hip to the sky

Station D (Transitions)
Using a Band perform 5 transitions, after 5 successful transition with a band move on to a lighter band.

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

10min Amrap
30 Feet HS walk (counts as 15 reps)
15 V-up
15 Box Jumps

**3 Conan Walks to Scale hs walk

Dan Shrum