Saturday May 3


Hey Peeps , hope you're looking forward to this

Big thanks to all that have helped out making this event happen in such a short time !

The box will open at 8 am for registration and for you to warm up

Bring your 30$ we will have a table for you to check in to the competition

First Wod will be announced at 9am

First heat will go at 9:15 and you will find out which heat your in on site

After the first 2 wods you will be in either 3 divisions in regards to your placement in the first 2 wods

Super elite
Mega elite

We have 26 teams registered , i am missing a girl as we speak ...ask around please ..i can't beg anymore without being slapped with a sexual harrasement suit !!!

At 11:30 the regional team will go against the bytown allstars !!!

At noon the BBQ food from Rob will be delivered !!!

If you want to bring in some food for people to have feel free to do so what were supplying is the BBQ and some trays of veggies

We will have the comp wrapped up at 3:30 if all goes according to plan and it will go according to plan !!!

We will be selling burpee cards that can be used to make people to do some at any time !!

We have some prizes also !!! Lululemon gift bags ...2 free months at cards ...10 000 $ ( to be confirmed..)

Couple of things you need to bring

We will set up an area in front were coaches usually park for people to chill so bring some chairs

If you have one of those portable gazebo can you bring it ..we have one but might need a couple

If you just come to watch or enjoy the BBQ please do so , just bring a couple of dollars to chip in

Mia's kids will run a hydration stand ..but bring some snacks ..important that you eat and hydrate thru out the day..take a look at Everett's post about a competition day allot of great info there

Last but not least , make sure you have fun whatever you do ..this is a Friendly inbox competition we will be judging ourselves and will even scale some things for some people . I want to make sure everyone has a good time and we will remember way more the laughs that we have then the number of wallballs we get in event #1

If you have any questions feel free to message me


Dan Shrum