Thursday July 16th

Handstands, handstands, handstands

Handstands, handstands, handstands


  • PVC Pass throughs
  • Frankenstein walks
  • Bear Crawls
  • Inchworms
  • Lizard crawl

3x 10 bear pushups
3 x 10 beat swings

Batman Stretch 2 min

Skill Work: Pistol Squats

WOD: For Time
50 Strict C2B Pull ups, every time you come off the bar complete 3 Strict HSPU.

** Do not be afraid of this wod. If you cannot complete a pull up or a HSPU then we will adapt for your level and it will help you gain strength for the future. If anyone says they "can't" during class they will have a burpee penalty. We all started somewhere.

9 am Skills and Drills:
EMOM for 25 minutes
1. 5 Strict Pullups (with weight or band if needed)
2. 5 tempo (3 s down hold and up) pushups
3. 10 pistol squats (5 each leg) or 10 deck squats
4. 2 rope climbs
5. 5 Ring dips or box dips

1am Movement and Mobility: We will focus on Shoulders, T spine, Quads and Hamstrings

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