Monday August 25th

Mobility ANYWHERE!!

Mobility ANYWHERE!!

Elevated Pigeon Pose
Lat Distraction

WARM UP "Flower" Squats

Hold the bottom of a squat position when it says sally down, when it says sally up, squat up just past parallel

Performed as OHS with PVC pipe or 15# Training Bar

Overhead Squat (6x3@ 80% - same weight as last week)

1vs1 WOD Row Thrusters (AMRAP - Reps)

1vs1 WOD
12min AMRAP of Dumbell Thrusters 35x2/20x2
Opponent  .A. must complete 250m row to stop opponent .B. from accumulating thrusters.

*If Wod is performed alone, athlete with have a 1 min amrap each 250m rowed to perform as many dumbbell thrusters as possible.

Optional - Accessory

3x10 Partner Glute Ham Raises or use GHD

*** Optional - Accessory is to be performed off to the side after class, without disrupting the following class.

Dan Shrum