Monday - Crossfit

3 Key Yoga Poses for Better Overhead Squats

We are now Starting a 6 Week MU/PULL up program to help improve on these skills. It will split into 2 days, Monday (Pull) and Wednesday (Dip). There are 3 groups to select from. A Group 0-5 Strict Pull up, B Group 5-12 Pull Up and C Group 12+. We will Start with a quick Test @ the beginning of the Class then start the Program.


PE , Austyn and Everett @ strongman Comp in Carp

PE , Austyn and Everett @ strongman Comp in Carp

Shoulder Mash Block+ Ball
Lat Mash Ball

Warm up
Tabata Hollow Body/Arch Body

20sec on / 10 sec off
Alternating Hollow Body/Arch Body
4min Total

TEST Strict Pull-ups 
(2 Attempts Max Strict Pull ups)


Group A.
Ring Rows
-3 sets: 10-12 scapula ring rows
-3 Sets 10 Ring Rows
*elevate feet to increase difficulty

Group B
-Transition 5x per band to move up
-Ring Row + Kip on Box, Sets of 5

Group C
-Ring Row + Kip on Box
-Transition Beat swing on rings

8min EMOM Pull ups (No Measure)

Group A 2-5 Negatives
Instead of pulling yourself up, stand on a stool and hang yourself on the horizontal pullup bar (with your chin just above it).
Then get off the stool and descend slowly until your hands are straight.

Group B 2-5 Strict Pull up
Group C 2-5 Strict C2B

Optional - Accessory

Group A.B.C
3 sets: Single arm DB Row 10-12 reps per arm

8min Amrap DB Snatch/Burpee (AMRAP - Reps)

12 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch 50/35
8 Burpees

Each Round is 20 Reps

Dan Shrum