Thursday - CrossFit

Bytown 1.0 

Bytown 1.0 

Ankle Mob with Blocks
Lat Mash
Lat Distraction

Warm up Tabata Hollow Body/Arch Body

20sec on / 10 sec off
Alternating Hollow Body/Arch Body
4min Total

Metcon (Time)

With a Running Clock
Minute 0-15

10  Bar Muscle Ups
50 Jump Rope Double Unders
8 Bar Muscle Ups
40 Jump Rope Double Unders
6 Bar Muscle Ups
30 Jump Rope Double Unders

x2 for C2B
x3 for Pull ups

Minute 15-20
Complete 40HSPU

Minute 20-30
5 Rounds
10 Box jumps 24/20
20 Pistol Squats

x2 for Air squats

*Score is total time woding

Dan Shrum