Tuesday - CrossFit

Please be advised that class will take about 90min rather than 60min, To Allow for a proper warm up and appropriate time for the CrossFit Total. Class will still start at the same time,  just classes will overlap each other.

MIA on the Rings

MIA on the Rings

Mobility/Warm Up

Couch Stretch
Banded Lat Distraction
Lat Mash - Ball

Warm ups

Back Squat
2x10 Empty Bar Squat
Then with increasing weight 8-4-2-1-1->

Shoulder Press
2x10 Empty Bar Press
2x10 Banded Rows
Then with increasing weight 4-2-1-1->

Banded Good Mornings 2x15
KB Swings 5x10
Then deadlift
with increasing weight 8-4-2-1-1->

The CrossFit Total

Back Squat (1 Rep Max)
Shoulder Press (1 Rep Max)
Deadlift (1 Rep Max)

Dan Shrum