Thursday - CrossFit

TBT ug series ottawa 2013

TBT ug series ottawa 2013

Couch Stretch
30 Shoulder Passes
Start with a wide grip and progressively move close
Hold bottom of Dip  1 minute
10x Bridge ups then
Hold Bridge Up  1 minute

Tabata Hollow
20sec on / 10 sec off
Alternating Hollow Body/Arch Body
4min Total

Row - Amrap (AMRAP - Reps)

200m Row
Amrap Mu/C2B/Ring Rows
Rest 2min
Repeat 4 times

***MU Rx+ , Score doesn't include row

10 to 1 Pistol Burpee (Time)

10 to 1
pistols squats - per leg

*Scale with x2 air squats

Dan Shrum