Thursday - CrossFit


EM is nice and warm 

EM is nice and warm 

Shoulder Flexion
Shoulder Extension

Warm up 500m+ Arm accessory

500m Row
2x12 Kneeling Banded Lat Pull Downs
in-between sets
Wrist circles
Elbow Circles
Shoulder Circles

Skill - Bar MU Practice (No Measure)

Bar MU Practice

*Strength Requirement

3-5 C2B
Ensure that elbows are pulled back at the top of C2B


Hips to Bar

Low Bar Mu - with box

Jumping Bar Mu

If unable to meet strength requirements, perform these strength instead.

4x10 Dumbell Rows
4x10 Banded Pull Downs
7x5 Ring Dips

WOD Lunges, DU, C2B (Time)

75 Lunges per Leg
50 Du (100 singles)
15 C2B/ Bar MU rx+

**If unable to perform C2B, scale by using, decline rings rows (feet on box)

Dan Shrum