Wednesday - CrossFit


Chantal 15.1

Chantal 15.1

Lat Distraction
Lat Mash
2x10 Beat Swing

Skill Pull-ups 

Skill Session, practice kipping pull up
*attempt max reps

*If unable to perform a single pull up
Perform 4x12 Ring Rows followed immediately with 4x2 Negative pull ups

Barbell Cycling

5 Muscle Cleans
5 Front Squats
5 Strict Press

Then 3 Touch and Go Reps or Clean and jerk until you reach desired WOD weight

20min Power Clean EMOM (Weight)

Power Clean EMOM
Min 0-5 - 5 PC 135/95
Min 6-10 -  3 PC  155/115
Min 11-15 1 PC 185/135
Min 16-20 5 PC 135/95

Men 155/185/225
Women 115/135/155

**If Power Clean feels good increase weight on singles

Dan Shrum