Monday - CrossFit

10 nutrition habits for more strength and muscle


Front Squat (5-5-5-5)


With 3 max broad jumps

Metcon (Time)

3 rounds for time
400m Run
15 Handstand Push ups
50 ft Kb Front Rack Lunge 16/12x2

Rx + 24/16x2

**Notes /Scaling

400m Run - Steady pace, able to hold a broken up conversation, scaled by distance to 200m

Kettle Bell Front Rack Walking Lunges - Scale by weight or by doing only bodyweight.

Handstand Push ups -
Should be done in sets of 8&7 from the start of the workout, then not broken up any more than sets of 3. If unable to preform a rep within 20 seconds scale down.

Perform Strict with 2 ab mats.
Perform with a kip with 1 ab mat.
Done as a seatedkettle bell strict press.
Perform as a push up or a 2-part- push up.

Dan Shrum