Tuesday - CrossFit

Metcon (No Measure)

Handstand work week 3

3x10 wall walks
4x10 midline -Sit up / V-ups / Strict T2B
4x10 plate walks against the wall

Notes/ Scaling

Wall walks - scale by number per set,
or by performing reverse inchwork.

Midline - mostly perfrom unbroken.

Plate Walks
A)- Performed Against the wall on a 45/25/10# plate

B) On a box on a 45/25/10# plate

C) As a hand plank on a 45/25/10# plate

Metcon (Time)

Hang Power Snatch 75/55
Sit ups
Rope Climb 3-2-1

Notes/ Scaling

-Hang Power Snatch
- Make sure this is a very light weight, 45% or less of your one rep max,
Broken up to a maximum to 15/15/ then 10/10 then 5/5

Sit ups
- use these to catch your wind

Rope Climbs
-Scale to 1 rope climbs per round or Rope pulls from the floor or Rings

Dan Shrum