Friday - CrossFit



Run Pull Bench Repeat (Time)

Wod only

800m Run
40 pull ups
800m Run
40 Bench Press 135/95
800m Run
40 pull ups

** Sub 800m Run for 1000m Row Or 80 Cal Airdyne

800m Run - Steady pace, able to hold a broken up conversation, Scaled by distance to 400m or 200m.

Pull ups - Chest 2 Bar/ Pull ups/Ring rows
Should be able to do 10+ in a row of the option they choose
**For thosejust starting to get pull ups start with them, then move to ring rows to preserve intensity.

Scale up to Rx+ with Chest to bars

Bench Press
Perform this movement in sets of 5 or more
Scale by weight or by performing push ups

Dan Shrum