Tuesday - CrossFit


Metcon (No Measure)


4 rounds - 30 seconds on/off at each station
a)Plate walks - back to wall
c)Handstand shoulder taps
d)Rest -it totals 90seconds

Plate Walks
A)- Performed Against the wall on a 45/25/10# plate

B) On a box on a 45/25/10# plate

C) As a hand plank on a 45/25/10# plate

Sit ups - Zoom Zoom

Handstand shoulder taps

a)Free standing
b)Performed against the wall
c)On a box
d)As a hand plank

Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds for time
400m Run
7 Fronts Squats 185/135/95
7 Muslce ups – C2B+Dips


400m Run - Steady pace, able to hold a broken up conversation, Scaled by distance to 200m

Front Squats - Should be heavy, a belt can be used, Performed Unbroken Or in sets or 3/4. Scale by weight.

- Ring Muscle Ups -
Scale amount 1 to 7 per round , no more than 2 sets per round - don't be waiting at the ring more than 90 seconds, If you fail one rest 60 seconds and try again
jumping Muscle ups can also be done

7 C2b/Pull ups/Ring Rows
7 Ring Dips/ Box Dips

Dan Shrum