Monday - CrossFit


Coach's Warm Up/Mobility

Back Squat (Tempo) (5-5-5-5-5 @ 70%)

Tempo Back Squats.

These are to essientially "Grease the Groove" of your squat.  Perfect reps.

4 - Seconds eccentric (down)
1 - Seconds in the hole
X - EXplode up
1 - Seconds at the top

Dumbbell Step Up (10-10-10-10-10)

Perform 10 DB Step-ups in between every working set of tempo squats.  Choose a height which doesn't require the assistance of your other foot.

Alternate 5 per leg.

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

3 Rounds:
Min 1: DB Thruster 50/35
Min 2: Cal Row or Cal AD
Min 3: Burpee
Min 4: 25' Shuttle
Min 5: Rest

Workout is for Total Reps

Quick transitions between minutes.

Don't perform the movement for the whole 60 seconds, give yourself some time to transition to the next movement.

Shuttle runs can be done inside or out.
25' = 1 rep

Dan Shrum