Wednesday - CrossFit


Coach's Warm Up/Mobility

Death By Toes 2 Bar (Max Reps)

Min 1: 1 Rep
Min 2: 2 Reps
Min 3: 3 Reps

15 Min Max

If you are unable to complete the set amount of reps for that minute, take the following minute off, and then begin again from 1 rep.

Min 7: 5 reps completed.
Min 8: Off
Min 9: 1 Rep

Metcon (6 Rounds for time)

6 Rounds:

Every 3 Minutes:
10/8 Cal Row/AD
10 KB Swings 24/16
10 Pull Ups

Rest with the remaining time in the 3 minutes.

Please scale the amount of reps to match your skill level.  Nothing less than 5.

Pull Ups - Jumping Pull Ups.

Keep track of how long each round took...write how you completed the workout in the comments section.

Dan Shrum