Tuesday - CrossFit

There Are No Tricks in Fitness


Coach's Warm Up/Mobility


Snatch Grip Deadlift (3x3 @ 110%)

You will do a slight pause 2" off the ground, below the knee, above the knee, then finish the rep.

Snatch Cycling (9-7-5RM)

Power Snatch (Touch and go)

This is going to push you a little bit, however I encourage you to battle through it.

It goes like this,
9 Reps UB Touch and Go
Rest as needed
7 Reps UB Touch and Go
Rest as needed
5 Reps UB Touch and Go

Only one attempt at each....so if you only get 7/9, should have went lighter.

Write your weights in the comments section.

Post Class/Wod Mobility

If you want more fitness,

3 Rounds:
1 Min Max Cal AD
2 Min Rest

Dan Shrum