Wednesday - CrossFit


Coach's Warm Up/Mobility

Metcon (Time)

Team Prowler Relay

5 Rounds:
100' Prowler Push
400m Run
20 Push Ups

For Time.

Male Team: 180# on Prowler
Female Team: 120# on Prowler

How this will work (READ CAREFULLY):

1. Class will be split into Male and Female teams.

2. Each team will pick an order.  This order must remain constant.

3. Member 1 will push the prowler 100', then immediately take off on the run.  Member 2 will start pushing the prowler right away.

4. 1 round is complete after the last member is done their push ups.

5. Member 1 may start the next round if Member X has finished the Prowler Push.

6. Workout is over after Member X completes his/her 5th round of push ups.

Scale: Take the push ups down to the knees.

This is a team act accordingly.  Motivate and cheer on your team members.

Dan Shrum