Monday - CrossFit


Box Squats (5-5-5 Across)

You will work up to a "comfortably heavy" working weight for the Box Squat.

In terms of percentages it should be around 60-65% of your back squat.

First time box squatting?
Keep it light and understand the movement.

Metcon (3 Rounds for time)

25/15 Cal Airdyne (90 sec Cap)

Rest 90 sec

Thruster 95/65
7 min Cap

Rest 90 sec

25/15 Cal Airdyne (90 sec Cap)

Time caps are there for a reason, please respect them.

*As soon as you finish each part of the workout, your 90 sec rest period begins.  Keep track of your time.

Score will be 3 separate times.

Scale pull ups with jumping pull ups.

Post-Class Accessory

3x6/leg DB Step Up (Heavy)
3x15 Reverse Hyper

Dan Shrum