Wednesday - CrossFit



Coach's Warm Up/Mobility

Deadlift (2-2-2 Ascending)

Reset at the bottom of every rep.
Increase speed once you get passed the knee.
Aggressive butt squeeze at the top.
May only drop last rep

Work up to a heavy double for the day.

Once you reach 85% and above put on a belt.

Metcon (Time)


25 Shoulder 2 Overhead 115/75 (135/95)
50 Burpee Box Overs
75 Walking Lunge Steps (Overhead 45/25)
100 Double Unders

For Time

25 Min Cap

Scale the S2OH appropriately.

Post-Class Accessory

3x10 GHD Sit Up
3x5/arm Turkish Get Up

Dan Shrum