Wednesday - CrossFit

Overhead Squat (3x8RM, 2x5RM, 1x2RM)

In 3 sets:
Work to an 8 Rep Max

In 2 Sets:
Work to a 5 Rep Max

In 1 Set:
Work to a 2 Rep Max

Again, mechanics and consistency before intensity.

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)


3 Rounds:
2 Min: Burpee Over Bar
Rest 1 Min
90 sec: Power Snatch 75/55
Rest90 sec
1 Min: Cal AD
Rest 2 Min

For total reps.

Post-Class Accessory

4x25' Single Arm Overhead KB Walking Lunge (Switch arms every set)
4x10 GHD Sit Up

Dan Shrum