Monday August 21st 2017

A) Strict Muscle Up (25min)

Group A

6 x 4-8 False Grip Ring Rows
7x3 Scaled Ring Ice Cream Maker


4 Sets Max Chin Over Bar Hold
4 x 5 Dips

Group B

3x 5-15 Second Falsee Grip Hang
4x3-6 Chin To Ring Or chest To Ring Pull up
20 Strict Dips

Group C

Strict Muscle up Ladder


10 -20 Strict Supinated C2b or PU
20 Strict Dips

***Strict Mu Ladder Can be done feet on Ground


Grace (30 Clean and Jerk 135/95)
Run 800m
Grace (30 Clean and Jerk 135/95)

2 Scores for the wod
First Grace and total time

** Should be able to open up with 10 TNG clean and jerk and able to complete both graces under 5min each

20min Cap

Dan Shrum