Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Get your free meat from a great company!

Get your free meat from a great company!


A1. Weighted Pull Ups
4 Sets x 5 Reps

A2. Seated Rope Pull
4 Sets x 50’ (As Heavy as Possible)


30 Dumbbell Step Ups 20” (Total)
300’ Sandbag Carry
20 Dumbbell Step Ups
200’ Sandbag Carry
10 Dumbbell Step Ups
100’ Sandbag Carry

I was introduced to TruLocal several years ago as they were a supplier for the UG games. I quickly fell in love with this company. They are a paleo eaters dream come true. All the different types of meats, plus the are mostly local, organic, and fresh range.

For being a long time supporter they have offered our members 8 free chicken breasts on EVERY order. That right, FREE MEAT.

You can choose from an extensive list of products and have it automatically ship for a frequency that suits you best.

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