Saturday, May 4th, 2019

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With a Partner:

100 Burpees
100 Pull Ups
100 Slam Balls
100 Sit Ups

*Partner A begins on burpees, Partner B does a 400m Run. After the run, Partners will alternate and Partner B will begin where Partner A left off.

A word from your coach:

Have you ever wondered what your brain and nervous system are doing while you are training? I present to you the Strongfit Phylogenetic Hierarchy. This is how the StrongFit classes are based, which will help you better understand your nervous system state you are in and how to prime it and tweak it to work better for you. It helps you not only with training in the gym. but to recognize your nervous system state outside of the gym, in that thing called life we do outside the gym.

I realize this is probably a little confusing, but those interested in learning more can reach out with questions, or attend one of the StrongFit classes to learn more.

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