Saturday, May 25th, 2019



With a Partner:

100 Calorie Buy In

Walking Lunge
Sit Ups
Handstand Push Up

100 Calorie Buy Out

 A word from your coach:

This is short notice, but we have two interesting opportunities have come to my attention. 

1- There is a strongman competition on June 8. There is an amateur category for people who have never done one before. If you have done some of the Strongfit classes you will be more than qualified for this event. 

2- On Aug 17 there will be the first official National Capital Highland Games. Usually this is not open to amateurs, but this will have an amateur division.  This includes events like Caber Toss and Sheaf Toss. There will be also some practice sessions for those who just want to learn the movements and test the functionality of their fitness. 

Crossfit Bytown