Thursday, June 6th, 2019


5 Rounds:
20 Shoulder Taps
100’ Sandbag Carry

For Time


A1. Side Plank (Elevated on Bench) - 3 Sets x Max Time per Side
A2. Landmine Twists - 3 Sets x 10 Reps Total

A word from your coach:

Scores on the whiteboard. You might not want to put your score, but it gives us an idea how people are progressing and if scaling methods we employ are working. Also, you might be somebodies “rabbit”. People sometimes use someone else on the board that often has similar numbers to figure out the scaling that they should do. Remember that the number on the board doesn’t tell the whole story, it also really depends on the quality of movement (which should always be a priority) of the reps. So don’t value yourself or others strictly on the number on the board.

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