Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

A word from your coach:

Fitness trackers have come along way over the years. From pedometers that attach to your belt, to Fitbits, the Apple Watch. These have been good for calculating your steps, calories and heart rate during exercise. The accuracy has really improved over the years. The problem is, they track your output, making you strive to push harder to get more steps, or more caloric burn. Without taking into consideration your recovery and stress levels. Whoop is the latest device that not only tracks your workout activity, but daily stress, but also balances it with your sleep and heart rate variability (HRV) to better understand if you are under recovered (most people are) and over training. This gives you something else to concentrate on, your recovery.

If you are a Whoop user, drop us an email as we have a Team Bytown for members who use the whoop strap to allow us to compete on who is recovered the most.


Clean and Jerk
Work to a 1RM

“Smarty Jones”
400m Run
1 Clean and Jerk

Workout is for total weight, choose your weight wisely, as you only get 1 attempt per round.

Crossfit Bytown