Monday, September 2nd, 2019

Classes Today
StrongFit - 11 A.M.
CrossFit - 4 P.M./5 P.M.



Conventional Deadlift
4 Sets x 6 Reps @ 50-55% of 1 RM
*Fast and explosive lockout


3 Rope Climbs
21 Burpee Over Bar
12 Squat Clean Thruster 115/75
2 Rope Climbs
15 Burpee Over Bar
9 Squat Clean Thruster
1 Rope Climb
9 Burpee Over Bar
6 Squat Clean Thruster

For Time (Rx+ 135/95)

A word from your coach:

What is going to give out first, your body or your mind? Usually its your mind. Developing mental toughness is an important. The is a skill that can be hones through training as well. Here is an excellent article giving 10 points to help increase mental performance.

Dan Shrum