Friday, September 27th, 2019



400m Run
100’ Overhead Walking Lunge:
Round 1: 30 Handstand Push Ups
Round 2: 50 Toes to Bar
Round 3: 100’ Handstand Walk
Round 4: 100 Double Unders

For Time

A word from your coach:

If you didn’t know, all of the coaches at Bytown offer personalized programming based on their respective specialties. If there is coach with a specialty or coaching style you mesh with and looking for something extra reach out to the coach. This can be either be one on one personal training and/or “distance coaching”.

This can be a little accessory work to help reach your goals, to extra programming to bring yourself to the next level / goal, or working on refining a movement, or eliminating pain or imbalance for a movement.

Crossfit Bytown