Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019



4 Rounds:
6 Muscle Ups
12 Sandbag Squats @ 70% Bodyweight
400m Run

For Time


5 Sets:
A1. Push Ups x Max Reps to Failure
A2. “Squeeze” Rows x 10-15 Reps*
Rest as needed between sets.

*”Squeeze” rows can be done with a plate/dumbbell/kettlebells/sandbag/ball

A word from your coach:

In case you didn’t know, Saturday classes are always FREE. We have done this so that members can bring family and friends to try it as well as new people coming in on their own for the first time. We have never done any advertisements, we rely on the results and recommendations from our members. So if you are happy, spread the word.

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