Training on Vacation

I remember even packing rings and straps for our destination wedding almost a decade ago. I thought at the time that I was pretty hardcore,

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Deliberate Practice

This one is short and sweet. I feel like I repeat this speech several times a week. So I decided to put it in writing.

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So You Are Injured

My bedside manner leaves much to be desired. My wife definitely didn’t marry me for my charming personality. There are two camps of people who

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Your Weakest Link

People like to do things they are good at, and avoid things they are bad at. Its human nature. This is why people are often

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Squat Analysis

Purpose of the squat The purpose of the squat in training is to develop explosive power and strength in the lower body. This is a

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All About The Hinge

Purpose of the hinge If you ask most people which exercise they get injured with the most and its almost always the deadlift. Why is

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Learning Is a Journey

I have been training since I was a teenager, trying various methods. Always interested in learning new methods and trying new things. I have done

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Why Strongman Movements?

When people think of strongman they think of 400 pound guys called Magnus or Thor lifting ungodly amounts of weight. Unfortunately this is the pinnacle

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