Training on Vacation

I remember even packing rings and straps for our destination wedding almost a decade ago. I thought at the time that I was pretty hardcore, now I look back and realize I was an idiot. That is wisdom. Learning from mistakes, and hopefully passing it along so that someone else doesn’t make the same mistakes.

I used to feel if my eating or training slipped for even a week that I would look and feel like I have never worked out. I would loose all my gains. Truth being told, even a week of pure debauchery is not going to undo years of consistent quality training.

I see there are two options for training during a vacation.

1) Work on another aspect of your health, such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness, positive self talk, or even just sleeping in (most of us could use more sleep and mobility.)

2) Try something new. Go for a hike, swimming, a bike ride along the water, a job along the beach, a exercise or dance class.

I now plan nothing when on holidays. I use it as an opportunity to unwind and destress both physically and mentally. Normally it involves a ton of walking and trying to take advantage of whatever the local terrain best suits. Some of my best vacations involved no training. Hiking the glaciers in Iceland, learning to handstand walk on the beaches of Cuba, learning the trapeze in Mexico,  and looking forward to trying to pick up legendary stones in Scotland this summer.

Enjoy the time with friends and family, relax, have a little fun. There is more to health and fitness than just moving weights and breathing really heavy.

Plus handstands in front of everything, because I can.

Yours in health,
     Coach Everett


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