So You Are Injured

My bedside manner leaves much to be desired. My wife definitely didn’t marry me for my charming personality.

There are two camps of people who get injured. Either they never fully recover and remember about the glory days before “the incident”, and there are those who use it as a learning experience and get back in the game.

I have often said that injuries make you a better athlete. Rarely does an injury occur without warning, such as a dumbbell falling apart mid snatch. Even when they do, it can be a lesson in accident prevention and equipment maintenance. When they do happen, there were usually many signs forecasting it. Your knee had been aching, you coach kept telling you to drive off your heels, you had major knee valgus when squatting.

So you got injured. Now is where you have to ask the serious questions, mostly the how and why. You have to understand what caused the injury, was it a movement issue, technique, muscular imbalance? Why did it happen, overuse, compensation pattern, joint or soft tissue restriction. This is a time to dig deep and answer these tough questions and decide what you are going to do about it.

Firstly, you realized you are not invincible. You are also going to be more aware of your movement because of the pain. You will discover your imbalances and understand motor control better during your physio. You will also learn to listen to your bodies warning signs better.

People are going to get injured, either doing the sport they love or even daily life. If you do it long enough an injury is bound to happen. How you react to it is up to you.

Hopefully it will only be one. I remember talking to a athlete in his 80s who performed amazingly, not just for his age, but even compared to a man in his 30s. His best words of advice were to avoid injuries and rehab the ones you have as best as you can.

It is better to work out consistently at 60% for many years, versus going 100% and getting burned out or broken then having to deal with the down time.

You should be in this for the long game, plan ahead, and learn is listen to and love your body.

Yours in health,
     Coach Everett


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